About AppFull
What's AppFull?
AppFull is a dedicated website which makes it easy for you to download and Try install apps on your Mac.

Most people will stumble upon AppFull and realize its potential for being a one-stop-shop for piracy; popular App Store applications are available on AppFull and organized so that you can find them without a hitch. Please understand, however, that piracy is not the intention of AppFull. While far too many people use AppFull to this end, we do not condone their actions. AppFull is for application trials, and nothing else.

The App Store provides no global method of testing applications before you purchase them. When far-too-many applications on the App Store are complete and utter shit, consumer money is wasted on applications that are promptly deleted by the enraged, ripped-off customer. Although it is not our place to decide, we believe that money should only be directed to developers who show an interest in creating innovative, fun, and imaginative applications that are worth the price we pay.

Often we are critized for allowing our users to test applications which are cheap. 99 cent applications don't necessarily cost a lot, but when you purchase many lousy ones, you've wasted quite a sum of money. AppFull aims to save people money, not cost developers.

It's undeniable that a portion of our community pirates rather than tests the applications that they install. We don't condemn these users and strictly enforce against them for two reasons: 1) it is genuinely a disadvantage toward legitimate users to focus on our pirating users, and 2) piracy loses developers very little in most cases. Listen closely: pirates who do not choose to purchase the applications they install are not lost sales. They were very, very likely never potential customers in the first place. Piracy's conversion rate is absurdly low, and developers know that.

Is AppFull legal?
It borders on the edge of legality. We believe that we use icons and application information on AppFull in a way that complies with most fair-use provisions of copyright and intellectual property legislation, but that's up to the courts. Since we do not serve cracked applications from our servers (we merely link to where the cracked apps can be found) we are arguably not directly facilitating copyright infringement.

If you're good developer and have released a quality application to the App Store and you still don't understand both the purpose of AppFull and the very little impact it has on your sales (see above), you might be tempted to go ape-shit crazy on us and have us remove everything by threatening to send lawyers after us. This is not how to handle the situation. If you want something to be removed and you feel it violates your intellectual property rights, you must send a cease and desist takedown notice to the websites actually hosting the material, not us. Again, we do not provide the cracked apps, we link to the websites that do. If you are without council especially, please follow legal procedures properly.

Where the hell do all of the cracked apps come from?
Scene / FTP / P2P/Torrent / Usenet / Everyone. Lots of people who purchase apps from the App Store may feel others would benefit from trying the application before purchasing it. Many of which are actively maintained and available from various places, and submit the outputted cracked .dmg or .app files to various filehosts, subsequently posting them on AppFull.

You can help AppFull by visiting this page and learning how you can contribute to the community. We need all the help we can get! :)

What other purposes does AppFull serve?
There are a few applications that have been cracked before they were removed/rejected by Apple from the App Store. If you want to use an application that is no longer available on the App Store, you can use the cracked copy from AppFull with a clear conscious.

If you have any ideas for us, post in AppFull Feedback.