JSLint - the javascript code quality tool, is now available for OS X! JSLint takes the javascript source and scans it.
Easy Script Copier is a small utility built to download a page and all necessary files. For example, you have found a demo page about a jQuery script and you want to get it, with all javascript and CSS files.
CSS Lint - the CSS code quality tool, is now available for OS X! CSS Lint takes the CSS source and scans it.
CSS Beautifier is a simple and quick utility to beautify/format your CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) source code. Beautify your CSS source code and make it readable!
Scrutiny is an all-in-one website optimization tool.
Time Saver. Game Changer. It’s never been this easy, or this fast, to organize and search your digital asset library.
LogrPro is an app for viewing logs in real time with highlighting.
APNS Pusher provides a simple interface for testing Apple's push notification service.
Muse CC is available as part of Adobe Creative Cloud.
ColorSnapper — the missing color picker for OS X. ColorSnapper is an easy-to-use tool for quickly finding out the color of any pixel on the screen. It is activated via a configurable system-wide hotkey, giving you a magnifying loupe to easily pick the pixel you need. The resulting color is copied
The Leading PHP IDE. Zend Studio 9 is our best PHP IDE release ever! Designed to work with the development processes that developers increasingly use today, it adds exciting new capabilities including:
AppPerfect Corp. develops, markets and supports a comprehensive set of testing and monitoring software products. AppPerfect products are used to analyze, test, tune and monitor Web and Windows applications.
The Professional IDE for Python, PHP, Ruby, javascript, Perl and Web Dev
Hey all you developers out there that like to share and store code snippets using GitHub Gists...
Write and run Python code instantly! Python Runner is a handy tool for learning Python and running Python script for daily tasks.
Triplety is a development environment for web designers and developers. With Triplety, you can save the hassle of writing boilerplate code. #1 developer tool in 7 countries.
Write and run Node.js code instantly! Node Runner is a handy tool for learning Node.js and running Node.js script for daily tasks.
Icon Wizard Allows you to quickly and seamlessly generate all your OSX & iOS App icon sizes, just drag the hi-res image into Icon Wizard, choose the folder to save to and add files to the project
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