FlowJo is a scientific analysis program designed for flow cytometric data.
Record Lectures was Featured by Apple in "Best New Apps" Record Lectures was built with the purpose of allowing anyone who records lectures, meetings and conversations to be able to store them in a calendar and be able to share these recordings easily. Record Lectures is a must have app for
Reference management entails the collection, annotation, and citation of published information. Bookends greatly simplifies these tasks.
Text2Tape is an application that lets you record documents into audio files using the Mac's built in speech technology.
The Periodic Table Explorer is the complete reference for the elements of the periodic table.
This is a Excellent Application on Learning the Basic Foundation of Networking, This Course Comes with Video Training and Practice Exam, Learning Networking is a must if you want to further your Career and Obtain the CompTIA Networking+ or Get the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA).
Your child can use the pencil, ruler, compass and set square to draw lots of different geometric shapes!
This is a Excellent Application on Learning about Wireless Networking and Helps you Pass the CCNA Wireless Exam, Includes Practice Exam and Video Training.
SkyORB 3D takes you on a tour of the solar system or the galaxy in this new version.
Have fun learning to identify the countries, capitals and flags of the world!! GeoExpert is unique among games in the App Store due to the fact that it is educational in nature and makes learning fun.
Have you ever wanted an app, that lets you simply bring your vocabulary efficiently into your long term memory? An app, that is not forcing you to learn, what the programmer wants you, but with is enabling to learn what you want to learn? An app using a clever and effective system to take
Make your own flash cards and take the pressure out of test preparation.
Dressed in a red coat, Little Red Riding Hood sets off to visit her beloved Grandmother.
Leica Acquire is a software environment which allows the acquisition, analysis and processing of high quality digital images using Leica cameras and stereo-microscopes on an Apple Mac. Leica Acquire comes with the latest Leica educational cameras and stereo-microscopes (with integral digital
This 3D Solar System model enables you to navigate through space and time, observe all the planets in close-up, learn their trajectories, inner structure, history of their exploration, points of interest and more.
WebWall shows web pages right on your desktop without interrupting your workflow. The pages shown on your desktop are not clickable, allowing you to control your desktop icons and widgets as usual.
PocketCAS is a very advanced mathematics application for your Mac. Say hello to OS X Mavericks! 50% off for a short while!
***** Anatomy & Physiology by Visible Body visually and interactively engages students in the core concepts of an undergraduate A&P course.
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