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  • Version: 2.0.21
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  • Compatibility: MacOS
  • Updated: Oct 10, 2014
  • Seller: Kent Place Software

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    • Helping you be a better brewer.
      We've all been there. Starting out with a pen, paper and calculator. Maybe you've downloaded a spreadsheet that you use. Wouldn't it be better to have an app that does all that and keeps all your recipes in one place, neatly organized? An app that can synchronize with your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad so you can take your recipes anywhere?

      BeerAlchemy is that app.

      It's not just for recipes though, it keeps track of your ingredients and orders and can even suggest which of your recipes you could brew today.

      Whats new:
      Fixed issue that prevented deletion of mash schedules.
      Fixed conditioning cell which didn't retain carbonation value.
      Fixed Batch Promotion to Recipe.
      Improved scrolling behaviour when clicking jump button in editor.

    • BeerAlchemy - 2.0.1 [Intel/KG] CORE
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      BeerAlchemy 2.0.21
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