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    • Calculate Pi!

      The advent of digital computers in the 20th century led to an increased rate of new π calculation records.

      John von Neumann et al. used ENIAC to compute 2037 digits of π in 1949, a calculation that took 70 hours. Additional thousands of decimal places were obtained in the following decades

      Now YOU can calculate MILLIONS of decimal places of Pi on your own Mac! Calculate Pi is faster than any other commercial Pi calculation program on the planet. What an extremely geeky pleasure!

      Whats New in Version 3.10
      ■ Now uses a monospaced font! Monospace fonts being the same size and spacing are easier to read since everything is uniformly spaced.
      ■ Fixes a nasty bug where a full stop/period or a comma was confusing the app. Everything is now properly interpreted an integer value... ;-)

      Many thanks to Tobias Vock for making me aware! (As well as many other useful ideas.)

      If you also have any suggestions, feel free to mail them to:

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