Frequently Ask Question

Frequently Ask Question

Hey, this site still under Continuous Development, Here's some info...

Q: I see multiple zip and multiple rar inside archive (for archive older than 2014). All 2015 archives use DMG.
A: Usually we unpack all scene rars and left only content and nfo files, if its scene traditional package, unpack them (unzip all first then unrar) use UnRarX (FREEWARE) or any similar tools.

Q: Why most files in Rar? (for archive older than 2014).
A: We love Freeware and Open Source apps, that's why we recommend UnRarX installed!

Q: Whats the benefit of register on this site?
A: You can help the community, add your own article (soon), rate app, bookmark/Favorited page, post comment without captcha, Subscribe to comments, report article/link, access full site and more...

Q: How search works? *tips
A: Sometimes site search went crazy *_*. If its available on iTunes, use iTunes "id" to search, eg: "Angry Birds Space" id is 509193195
- Avoid version number
- If the words too general, use homepage url in search
- Google

Q: Is this site Free?
A: Yes, browsing and register on the site is free, until now we try to cover server cost with advertisements.

Q: Is the site safe and secure?
A: Yes! Site encrypted using military-grade encryption SSL (A+ Grade SSL Results)

Q: Is the cracked app safe?
A: Do at your own risk, we use trusted source from scene group released as priority and trusted P2P released.

Q: Whats this filename "Twitter.Pro.v1.3.Bilingual.MacOSX.Cracked-CORE" means?
A: It's scene hierarchy names "publisher or company name"."app name"."version"."additional info"-"group name"
.MacOSX.Retail-CORE , this Retail Means cracked MAS (Mac Apple Store)

Q: What is .nfo file inside the archives?
A: The NFO is a text file which has essential information about the file(s) encoded, including a reason for the nuke if the file is a 'PROPER' or 'REPACK' release OR how to use or some info about the released. (wikipedia)

Q: Can i request ?
A: No.
*But you can Report dead link using [report button], you'll get PM when its Re-uploaded.

Q: What this stupid words means [UB] [Intel] [K] [KG] [P] [SN] [CAS]???
A: [UB] = Universal Binaries [Intel] = Intel Processor [K] = Crack [KG] = KeyGen [P] = Patch [SN] = Serial Number [CAS] = Cupertino App Store

Q: I can't see links !
A: Try disable Adblock, or you need to login ;)

Q: App Ratings?
A: All ratings and comments here is by our members opinion.

Common issue
Q: The software no longer works in ML, MavericksYosemite etc..
Q: "App" can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.
Q: "App" is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the trash.
A: Disable Gatekeeper. Change Gatekeeper's settings "Allow From Anywhere".

System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> (Unlock) Click Allow Applications Downloaded from Anywhere

Q: This site awesome!
A: Thanks, Maybe buy me some coffee?


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