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Marked 2  
  • Mac / Productivity
  • Version: 2.5.2
  • Size: 19.86Mb
  • Language: English
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  • Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later
  • Updated: Nov 13, 2015
  • Seller: Brett Terpstra

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    • Marked 2 is a previewer (not an editor) for Markdown, MultiMarkdown and other text markup languages.

      It updates live every time you save your document in your favorite text editor, comes with writing analysis tools, and is powerfully flexible.

      See what's new:

      Marked provides document navigation and statistics, proofreading tools, multiple export formats, and much more. Marked comes with 9 preview styles built in (including GitHub), and you can add unlimited custom styles of your own.

      GitHub users will appreciate Marked's built in GitHub Flavored Markdown processor, capable of handling fenced code blocks, line break preservation and automatic hyperlinking.

      Marked is powerful enough to allow custom processors (shell scripts) before and after rendering. You can even take over the rendering tasks to incorporate non-Markdown languages.

      Marked works with Scrivener, VoodooPad, MarsEdit, and other third-party apps, allowing you to use Markdown and see beautiful previews just about anywhere.

      See the video tutorials!

      Whats New in Version 2.5.0
      Marked 2.5 boasts rewritten tracking and writing statistics code, extensive typography preferences, and full spelling and grammar checking (in addition to readability and statistics)!

      ### NEW!

      - ** Spelling and Grammar checking (In App Purchase)
      - ** Custom global shortcuts

      - Internal Help browser
      - Smart search
      - API and URL scheme interface for deep linking
      - Help hooks into main menu help search with live results

      - New preferences
      - disable readability processing
      - visualize manual page breaks
      - use system find pasteboard
      - Preference to use ⌘E to use selection for Find
      - break page after TOC
      - export font size
      - font size/color for print headers and footers
      - New typography features (orphans/widows)

      - Additional formats support/improvements:
      - MindNode
      - Xcode Swift Playground
      - Scrivener (Recognize page breaks, line breaks, internal links and embedded images, comments)
      - Fountain (forced elements, toggle comment visibility)

      - Report Issue command to gather prefs and create bug report
      - Revamped welcome screen with quick config

      ### IMPROVED

      - Speed, memory usage and performance
      - Support for MultiMarkdown TOC syntax
      - Prevent orphaned headlines at end of page for print/export
      - url handler additions (help/page, preferences/pane, quick overview)
      - Handle JSON array for pre/processor metadata
      - Preprocess text before reading meta
      - Readability stats update for selected text
      - Instant theme and syntax style updates without refresh
      - Syntax validation for MathJax configuration field
      - Improved autoscroll
      - Improved debugging and logging output
      - Tokenized folder extensions
      - Improvements to the floating stats panel
      - PDF export improvements
      - Continuous output trimming
      - Define width for continous output
      - Compression options for reduced file size
      - RTF copy/export improvements (this isn't the big one, it's coming soon)
      - Progress feedback when syntax highlighting large documents
      - Most preference changes no longer require refreshing open documents
      - Improved network availability check and link validation
      - Popup editors for advanced configurations (MathJax, additional CSS)
      - Outline view improvements for Markdown formatted documents
      - improved handling of return focus with x-success url handler
      - Minimap improvements
      - Export palette can scroll horizontally

      ### FIXED

      - Crash if a Scrivener file has empty title
      - Print header artifacts
      - UI elements in continuous PDF output
      - javascript fixes for visible file inclusion boundary
      - {{include}} syntax no longer breaks mustache templates in code blocks
      - Code blocks missing if custom processor returned bypass
      - Scroll to edit with MathJax, syntax highlight
      - CriticMarkup comment and multiline insert handling
      - CriticMarkup word counts
      - Processor indicator lights not showing up on first load
      - Restore ability to save and restore zoom level
      - "Last Edit" marker hiding
      - Preference to disable link popups

      What's New in Version 2.5.1

      #### FIXED

      - 10.9.5 compatibility
      - Highlight JS breaking in exported HTML in Chrome
      - Option to include/exclude image captions in word count
      - Make orphan prevention optional
      - Fix body width on print/pdf after window resize
      - Sanitize filenames for extracted scrivener image
      - Add OPML to palette, fix accessory alignment

      What's New in Version 2.5.2

      ## Fixes

      - Hang on Save HTML with Syntax Highlighting (10.10 Yosemite)
      - CSS watching and auto-update
      - CriticMarkup headers in PDF/Print output
      - Bullets appearing on GitHub Task list items in PDF output

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      Marked 2 2.5.2
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