Need to talk Part-2  
  • Today, Six month since the site born.

    So exited we got more than 2000 articles (not included update version releases) and nearly 300 members. [site stats] Traffic also growing fast until now.

    some features has been planned and some changes made but i'm planning to continue some unfinished features to site but currently lack of money and time to develop further...

    We need to build solid community that everyone can contribute.

    So here's the round my plan
    - Auto fetch info from official site when posting new app (we've done this on iTunes) you can see mostly same exact description and images like in Mac Apple Store, even now MAS not showing screenshots images on the web we can still got it.
    - Everyone can contribute, submit their own download link, add link if any new version release
    - Request and notification form
    - Optimized server

    You can help us, became the most organized site specially for App*e stuff

    from us to us for us !

    Please help us with donation if you can, we trying to implement this features step by step