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October 2015 Updates  
  • In the last couple of months I've been busy to make appfull better so I made few things changes and improvement.

    1. Upgrade DLE Engine to 10.6 + Site layout/design, not final yet will do other major changes soon.

    2. HTTP/2, we ditch SPDY and use the future protocol HTTP/2. The CDN we use (KeyCDN) also HTTP/2 support.
    The latest update major browser IE/Edge/Chrome/Firefox/Safari now support HTTP/2 by default.
    You can check which site use HTTP/2 or H2 using Firefox/Chrome extension.

    3. iTunes Link Maker, Apple now exclude MacSoftware from their iTunes link maker. So I fork @nabettu's appreach using iTunes API to make it easier searching Mac apps via web browser.

    4. Improvement on internal engine when fetch iTunes Store, Steam, Macupdate and Bigfishgame. This will save less time for our publishers to post.

    5. RSS feed now showing app version number.

    6. Site search; default search is general, title & advance search now available.

    7. IMGProxy, we use services to secure non-ssl external resources for icon/screenshot image.

    8. Fixed others broken site features such as recover email, feedback etc.

    9. Testing goroost push notification for our 7K subscribers. (Yay we got FREE 1.1 Million notification each month).