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OmniFocus 2  
  • Mac / Productivity
  • Version: 2.5.3
  • Size: 24.99Mb
  • Language: Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish
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  • Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later
  • Updated: Jul 18, 2016
  • Seller: The Omni Group

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    • Live a productive, contextual life with OmniFocus 2 for Mac.

      Keep work and play separated with contexts, perspectives, and Focus. Ignore the irrelevant, focus on what you can do now, and accomplish more. And do it all much faster than before.

      OmniFocus' interface was designed and organized around your data—your stuff—to make it easier and more natural for you to quickly get ideas into and out of the app, whether you’re using Getting Things Done™ (GTD™) or any other productivity system. It's powerful enough to use on its own, and syncs through the cloud with your other devices running OmniFocus (also available for iOS and Apple Watch).

      OmniFocus 2 features everything you need to seriously get stuff done:


      • Reliable sync with NEW push triggering using our free service or your own server. Keep your entire database at your fingertips by syncing with OmniFocus for iOS and Apple Watch (available from the App Store as a separate purchase).
      • A flexible hierarchy: keep all your to-dos in one list or use as many levels of Folders, Projects, Groups, and Actions as you need to stay organized
      • Customizable Layout: Choose a fluid view that automatically shows and hides fields as needed, or use Custom Columns for scannable, tabular lists.
      • Assign contexts based on location, people, energy level—whatever you need to get the task accomplished
      • NEW Customize OmniFocus' look with the colors and fonts of your choosing.
      • Sharing Extension captures content from any app that has a Share button
      • Today Extension shows you OmniFocus items due today right in Notification Center
      • Collect from anything that can send email—Omni Sync Server’s Mail Drop adds items directly to your OmniFocus Inbox
      • Attach (or link to) important reference material.
      • Open the Forecast perspective to see your due items for each day alongside events from your OS X Calendar.
      • The Review perspective (NEW IN 2) makes sure nothing falls through the cracks.

      Starting from a solid, simple user experience, we added Pro features for customizing OmniFocus and making it even more powerful. Pro is available via In-App Purchase and free to customers who purchased OmniFocus 1 from the Mac App Store:

      • Custom Perspectives: save and revisit custom views for specific tasks or situations: “Show me the chores I can do in five minutes” or “What do I need to follow up on with the people from the planning meeting?”
      • Customize the OmniFocus sidebar and home screen just like you customize your iOS Device's home screen.
      • AppleScript support enables all kinds of cool workflows.
      • Focus feature lets you block out stuff that isn't immediately actionable.
      • Display any perspective in Notification Center with the Today Extension

      For more information, please watch the video on our website!


      If you have any feedback or questions, we’d love to hear from you! The Omni Group offers free support: you can reach us by email at, by phone at 1-800-315-6664 or +1-206-523-4152, or on Twitter at @omnifocus.

      If OmniFocus empowers you, we would appreciate an App Store review. Your review will help other people find OmniFocus and get more done.

      Thank you!

      Whats New in Version 2.5.3
      This release fixes bugs and readies OmniFocus for a new sync format, coming in version 2.6.

      • Sync — Made several changes to sync which should decrease the likelihood of “Replace Database and Start Syncing?” prompts.
      • Sync — Made a change to help recognize an OmniFocus database modified by a newer version and present the correct error instead of silently failing.
      • Memory Leaks — Fixed several memory leaks that we believe may trigger a crash.

      If you have any feedback or questions, we’d love to hear from you! The Omni Group offers free tech support; you can email, call 1–800–315–6664 or 1–206–523–4152, or tweet @omnifocus.

      If OmniFocus empowers you, we would appreciate an App Store review. Your review will help other people find OmniFocus and make them more productive too.

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