Rats - Time is running out!  
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  • Updated: Jul 31, 2016
  • Seller: Citeremis Inc.

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    • Run through labyrinth-like banks, uncover secret rooms, solve puzzles, discover blueprints to unlock powerful tools, control time, run from guards -- and if you’re lucky, open the vault, grab the diamond .

      . . and get out before time runs out!

      Key Features:

      Devour powerful cheeses and enjoy their delicious effects on time.
      Discover blueprints and unlock an arsenal of ridiculous tools with your coins.
      Blast your way across a bank on a rocket! Disguise yourself as a typewriter!
      Solve puzzles to gain access to the vault.
      Simple controls: Perfect for those who don't like to read instructions!
      For once, have both time and money!

      Citizen of Swine Island City: It’s to take back what’s ours from the dirty, rotten, scoundrel Pigs who have ruled us for far too long! Snatch their diamonds, loot their coins to your heart’s content -- all the while eating the finest and most powerful cheeses known to the animal kingdom! It won't be easy, folks; although they may look adorable and huggable, the guards are relentless and will stop at nothing to take you down. Stay focused, be clever -- and most of all, keep your eye on the clock!

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      Rats - Time is running out!
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