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Renamer 5  
  • Mac / Utilities
  • Version: 5.0.0
  • Size: 6.07Mb
  • Language: English, German, Spanish
  • Homepage
  • Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later
  • Updated: Jul 31, 2016
  • Seller: Incredible Bee Ltd.

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    • If you ever had to rename hundreds or thousands of files file by hand and thought "there must be an easier way", then Renamer is for you.

      With Renamer, you can save hours of tedious typing at the stroke of a button.


      * Number files sequentially
      * Find and replace text
      * Convert filenames to upper and lower case
      * Change file extensions
      * Organize songs by album, title and artist
      * Insert music track numbers
      * Add folder names
      * Add a file's created date and time
      * Insert EXIF and GPS tags into photos
      * Insert image width and height
      * Match and substitute regular expressions
      * Remove file extensions
      * Insert text at character position
      * Overwrite text at character position
      * Remove text in character position range
      * Remove IMG_ text from photos
      * Number files randomly


      Renamer is a powerful file renaming utility for home and professional users alike:

      * Save and organize rename tasks with _Renamerlets_. Renamer ships with many built-in Renamerlets to get you started quickly.

      * Mix and match. Assemble simple file rename actions into _chains_ to handle even the most complex renaming tasks.

      * Preview how files will be renamed with _live feedback_. Great for fine-tuning and catching errors.

      * Smart _undo and file backup_ protects your data from accidental loss, so you can rename with peace of mind.

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      Renamer 5 5.0.0
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