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RESTed - Simple HTTP Requests  
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  • Version: 2.7
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  • Updated: Aug 27, 2014
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    • RESTed allows developers to quickly format and make HTTP requests and view the response.

      RESTed supports both basic HTTP authentication and OAuth.

      RESTed shows you the response header and response data.

      XML and JSON responses can even be spruced up automatically.

      Whats New in Version 2.5
      Important, Please read.

      * RESTed 2.5 is a major refactor on the networking side of things. If you experience any regressions, please contact via e-mail or twitter.

      * If you are having issues with timeouts, please alter your time-out length in the preferences once.

      * If you are using a custom HTTP body, it is incorrectly ignoring the Content-Type header. A bug-fix release has been submitted to Apple.


      * RESTed 2.5 has new UI.
      - No more flipping back and forth between the request and the response.
      - Press CMD+R to send requests with your keyboard.
      - Improved display of the response. You can now collapse the parts of the response you don't wish to see.

      * RESTed 2.5 will now display images, if it detects the image. It displays using base-64 encoding, so if you have a particularly large image, be prepared to wait.

      * Can now save the sent request / received response.


      * Pretty-printing has been fixed and now supports some additional content-types.


      * Cookie support has been altered. No longer takes global cookies, instead the preference will just decide if it should store recieved cookies and set the Cookie header automatically based on those cookies.

      * JSONP has also been altered. Instead of linking to a particular file, now simply copy & paste your code snippet into the app. This will be stored and used to simulate JSONP.

      * The JSONP div has been changed to ID of #response-jsonp-results with the .jsonpresults class.

      What's New in Version 2.5.1

      GET /rested/2.5.1/

      HTTP/1.1 200 OK
      Transfer-Encoding: Identity
      Content-Type: application/bug-fix
      Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2012 15:07:33 GMT

      * No more forced `plain/text` Content-Type on custom HTTP bodies. User-defined headers are now set later in request generation process.
      * Command + L now focuses the URL field.
      * With URL field focused, pressing Enter/Return will send request.

      What's New in Version 2.5.2


      - Ignore HTTP custom body for GET requests.
      - RESTed no longer removes the custom body when switching between GET and other HTTP methods.

      Bug fixes:
      - HTTP response headers are now HTML-encoded.
      - 0-legged ("signed fetch") OAuth requests fixed. (RESTed was incorrectly ignoring tokens with empty access keys and secrets.)
      - Resizing of parameters / custom HTTP body sections should be improved.
      - HTTP body now properly updates when parameters are toggled.

      What's New in Version 2.7

      GET /updates

      * RESTed 2.7 drops support for 10.6, because it doesn't have NSRegularExpression.

      * Users may now embed URLs with parameters (see note below for example).
      * Response styles updated.

      * Sending Empty URLs no longer crashes RESTed.
      * True/false are sent as booleans, instead of strings, when using JSON-encoding.
      * RESTed now leaves most character encoding in the URL field up to the user.


      URL embedding example:

      - User-provided URL: http://localhost/{{resource}}/{{id}}/
      - Parameters: resource = posts, id = 3, & author = true
      - Destination URL: http://localhost/posts/3/?author=true

      RESTed 2.7 matches parameters in your URL as {{\w+}}. So, parameter names need to be alphanumeric.

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