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Christmas Crisis
By: Koingo Software, Inc.
10-02-2016, 12:11 Mac / Games
Santa has fallen sick this winter holiday! Ms. Claus has been cooking some of her most powerful chicken soup, but even that's not powerful enough to cure Santa from his perilous cold!
Little Inferno
By: Experimental Gameplay Group
6-06-2013, 01:26 Mac / Games
The new hit game from the creators of World of Goo!

Excite your inner pyromaniac! Throw your toys into the fire, and play with them as they burn.

Burn flaming logs, screaming robots, credit cards, batteries, exploding fish, unstable nuclear devices, and tiny galaxies. An adventure that takes place almost entirely in front of a fireplace - about looking up up up out of the chimney, and the cold world just on the other side of the wall.